Some of might be heading straight for the Rugby World Cup with a feeling of dread, others might be longing to see those well-built men tackling each other to the ground, but there an elegant style to rugby clothing that the more fashion conscious are already tapping into.

Oversized clothing has often been the choice for loungewear around the home, from the boyfriend´s shirt to the husband´s robe, there is always something a little comforting in being able to carry off the menswear look, and that same style carries straight over to adorning ourselves with the clothing often reserved to be worn by those muscle-bound, meaty hunks.

So how about the simple casual look, with a cap to accessories and amplify more of a country feel, drawing glamour from the earthy countryside, not such a phoenix from the ashes as more of an angel from the mud bath.

Worn much like a polo shirt, those longer sleeves really add to the overall look of class, whilst also offering added comfort, especially in the chillier evenings. Worn over trousers, hanging loose, the casual style emanates from the centre out, leaving just the face as the highlight of the look.

Then there´s the tucked-in, more formal style, still with trousers or jeans, adding an elongated contrast to the dominant colour of the top adds flair and style, with darker and bolder colours giving off an air of dominance, whilst softer tones lead to a more elegant look.

The look doesn´t have to compose of trousers however, skirts and shorts can also emphasise both the colours of your chosen banner, as well as showing off your own personal characteristics, maybe with sleeves rolled up for a more rugged feel than starkly contrasts the elegant length of arms and legs. Wearing the hair down at the same time, accompanied by a touch of sauciness, can also offer a whole new image mixing the sturdiness with the subtle.

Styling women with sports clothing is not a unique concept, in fact, even the Rugby World Cup merchandisers themselves are muscling in on the market, offering a full range of both traditional and styled rugby-based items, as well as those with a more retro feel, all aimed at the discerning lady and available on-line via their dedicated website,

So whatever your choice of colour or team, you don´t have to miss out on feeling part of the action, even if the part you play is making yourself feel better without even watching a single game. Either way, the classic style of rugby shirts is not going away anytime soon, so they make a sensible addition to anybody´s everyday wardrobe.


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