In Emmerdale, Kirin’s nervous about the launch and is pleased when Vanessa says she’ll go along. Victoria feels left out when the baby kicks and Adam’s surprised at her attitude. At the Factory, Kirin’s impressed with Belle and how she’s handling the launch and he begins to see Belle in a new light. Kirin soon walks into the office and catches Jai snorting coke. Paranoid Jai creates a scene in front of everyone at the launch and Vanessa gets pushed to the floor in the process. Kirin’s concerned. Meanwhile at the Woolpack Adam questions Victoria’s attitude over the baby is pained to realise the awkward position he’s put her in. Later, Vanessa has a sudden twinge of pain. Has the earlier fall taken it’s toll, and where is Adam when she needs him?

Alicia tries to talk to David but he snaps at her questioning what has happened to the woman he married. Later, David opens up to Priya whilst elsewhere, Alicia confides in Lisa. With David keen to move back to the village to look after his dad, and Alicia unable to settle there after what she has been through, are the couple destined to live their lives apart?

Pete tells James he’s going to the doctors about his depression and is surprised by his dad’s support. Meanwhile, Emma confronts Debbie..Later, Debbie arrives at Butler’s and tenses to see Pete, her hostility towards him clear. Worried about Pete’s vulnerability, James decides to approach Debbie, but will he make the situation worse?

Ashley tells Sandy he’s going to the doctors but it’s clear Ashley is not confident about it.

Pollard continues to struggle with his grief. Harriet explains to Bob what happened with Sandy.

In Coronation Street, as Tracy’s bundled out of the pub it becomes clear who called the police. Ken watches horrified and Amy screams as her mother is driven away. Tracy’s interviewed by the police but she refuses to answer their questions and remains adamant she had nothing to do with the fire. In the bistro, Carla tells Nick she just wants her life to get back to normal. Carla thanks Nick for standing by her even when she was at her lowest ebb but reckons that Tracy will walk free as there’s no supporting evidence. As Tracy cries alone in a police cell, will she be charged?

Anna and Tim break the news to Faye that the Hodges have taken Miley to live in Canada but they’re shocked by Faye’s apparent disinterest. Anna’s upset whilst Tim’s devastated and blames himself for supporting the Hodges at the outset. But what is Faye’s true feeling about Miley’s move overseas?

Tyrone heads home with Roy leaving Fiz to look after Hope in the hospital. Roy and Tyrone celebrate Ruby’s birthday and from the hospital, Fiz sings Happy Birthday over the phone.

As the news of Tracy’s arrest sinks in, Leanne, Sharif and Zeedan try to make sense of what’s happened. As Eileen fusses over him, Jason confides in Todd that he intends to find Callum and have his revenge.

In Eastenders, as Keeble remains on the other side of the front door, Phil keeps hold of Jane and refuses to let her answer. Soon afterwards, Sharon arrives but she panics when Jane doesn’t answer the door and Phil is nowhere to be found.

Inside the Beale house, Phil lets go of Jane and tells her that he knows what happened to Lucy. Has the Beale family’s dark secret been uncovered?

Meanwhile, when Charlie gives her some flowers, Ronnie decides to put him first for baby Matthew’s sake. At the same time, Vincent heads home for a family photoshoot and Claudette privately warns him to be careful.

Elsewhere, Linda is upset about the surprise that Mick has arranged for her. She argues with her family and storms out of The Vic. Later at the café, Linda finally opens up to Nancy about her attack and they share an emotional heart-to-heart.

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