In Emmerdale, Bob’s shaken when Harriet tells him about Ged’s threat. Meanwhile, Sandy locks himself out Ashley lets him stay at his for the day. Sandy falls asleep but when Harriet and Gabby walk in to discover the gas on and Sandy’s life at risk, Harriet’s dismayed to remember Ged’s threat. Bob’s unnerved it could have been Ged whilst Harriet decides they need to warn people. Brenda panics about the threat of Ged, they are just sitting targets.

Dan tells Kerry it takes ages to become a paramedic and it requires a degree. But Kerry is supportive. Will Dan be inspired?

Joanie apologises for giving Belle advice and tries to find out what previous issues Lisa is skirting around. She’s shocked when Lisa tells her she was assaulted. Soon Joanie and Lisa cheer Belle up by telling her their embarrassing incidents they had with boys and Belle is given food for thought in how to behave around Kirin. Meanwhile, Kirin tells Vanessa about Belle and how he is dreading bumping into her. There’s a frisson of sexual tension and a sense they both regret being apart. Later, Belle follows Lisa’s advice, but will it work?

Vanessa and Leyla reluctantly agree to Carly moving back in, it’s her last chance. Carly’s livid to learn Ross was cheating on her with Debbie. Alicia’s fuming with David over Portugal. Whilst, David recruits Tracy to spy on Pollard.

In EastEnders, a worried Jane visits Sharon and admits that Ian and Bobby are nowhere to be found. When Phil overhears the conversation, Sharon is forced to make up a story by claiming that they’ve gone away until the trial is over. Jane tells Sharon that she plans to speak to Marcus to find a way to help Max, but Sharon is worried by this and decides to take matters into her own hands. Soon afterwards, Jane bumps into a suspicious Phil, who can tell he’s not getting the full story about what’s going on among the Beales.

Later, Jane realises that her original plan is in tatters, so she decides that her only option is to turn herself in for Lucy’s murder. Sharon urges her not to do it, but Jane goes ahead and calls Keeble to arrange a meeting. With his suspicions growing, Phil confronts Sharon and says that he knows she is lying. Just as Jane is about answer the door for Keeble, she is stopped in her tracks when Phil grabs her…

Meanwhile, Ronnie’s marriage still appears to be on rocky ground when Charlie insists that he is too busy to spend time with her. Later, Vincent sees Ronnie take a fall and runs over to help her home.

Elsewhere, Whitney urges Lee to be honest with his family about recent events, but he decides not to when he remembers that it’s almost been a year since Dean’s attack on Linda. Linda is planning a ladies’ day with her friends, but this doesn’t go ahead as Jane and Sharon are so distracted. Nancy, Whitney and Lee agree to go out with her instead. When they return, Mick has a surprise for Linda.

Also today, Dot decides to follow Cora and learns that she has been living in Patrick’s shed. Worried, Dot comes up with a plan to help Cora.

In Holby City, Fletch finds the grieving husband of a former neurological patient in the hospital grounds. He takes him to Guy, hoping to get the man some closure. However, when the man reveals a live grenade, it’s clear that he actually blames Guy for his wife’s death and wants to exact revenge. Fast-thinker Fletch manages to buy some time so that he can evacuate the hospital, but a petrified Guy is handcuffed and held hostage while forced to hold the live explosive. If he releases his grip, it will explode.

When all of the patients and staff are at a safe distance, a heroic Fletch goes back inside in the hope of talking the bomber down. Fletch can see that he isn’t really a bad man – he’s just blinded by grief. Unfortunately, the grieving husband thinks he has gone too far to turn back now and sounds as if he might detonate the grenade.

Meanwhile, Ollie fears for Zosia’s safety and orders her to join the evacuation, but she refuses to leave her patient. When Zosia discovers that it’s her father who is being held hostage, she makes a rash decision and runs into the danger zone.

Ollie rushes after Zosia and when the explosion cuts through AAU, he is on hand to protect her from the blast. Pressed together and covered in rubble on the floor, they share their first kiss.

Elsewhere, Dom is convinced that Hanssen hates him. This is compounded when Hanssen saddles him with a very tricky patient, who seems impossible to please.

Dom’s worst fears are realised when he discovers that his patient is already embroiled in litigation proceedings with his last doctor. Dom assumes this is all part of Hanssen’s evil plan to get rid of him once and for all. He panics further when the man disappears during the evacuation – he doesn’t like his chances if Hanssen finds out he has misplaced his charge on such a dangerous occasion.

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