In Emmerdale, Brenda is disappointed to learn Harriet has been lying to her about her progress with tracking down Carly so also sets off to find her. Ashley calls Harriet who’s at a market to warn her about Brenda. Brenda arrives but is agog when Harriet spots Carly at a stall and catches up with her. Carly’s stopped in her tracks as Brenda says she might never see Bob again if she leaves. Will Brenda be left disappointed by Carly’s reaction? Meanwhile, in his cell, Bob tries to make small talk with Ged and soon is making a very big ask of Harriet.

Vanessa and Kirin decide to go to a networking event in Birmingham, as friends.  Priya and Rakesh are concerned to hear they are planning on staying over. Belle hides her disappointment when she hears about their trip. She is soon delighted when Kirin compliments her and tells her he’s over Vanessa. Meanwhile, Vanessa has second thoughts when Leyla says she’s obviously still in love with Kirin.  Will Vanessa change their plans and will Belle’s hopes get raised?

ALSO: Rodney convinces Jimmy to do something illegal, as he owes it to Nicola to get back on track financially. Amelia and Kerry want to de-stress Dan before his big presentation but Dan’s in disbelief when he sees they’ve accidentally removed his eyebrows. Ashley’s finding it difficult to concentrate and Laurel’s a little perturbed by his manner..

In Coronation Street, having found out Simon’s been in a fight at school, Leanne marches him home. Simon blames Leanne, telling her the lads were picking on him because she won’t buy him a decent phone. Leanne runs a bath and orders Simon to wash the dishes but Simon refuses and giving her an almighty shove, does a runner from the flat. Leanne stumbles and catching her head on a table, passes out on the floor. As water starts to seep through the kebab shop ceiling, Dev and Mary head upstairs and let themselves into Leanne’s flat. They’re horrified to find her unconscious on the floor and the bath overflowing.

Fiz breaks the news to Chesney, Sinead, Beth and Kirk that Hope has cancer. Unaware of the conversation, Sally’s arrives at work and announces she’s set a wedding date. Beth’s dismissive and Sally’s offended. But when Aidan confronts Fiz in the street, demanding to know why she’s been absent from work, Sally’s horrified to hear that Hope’s seriously ill.

Carla promises she’ll pay Nick back for the gambling debts she’s run up on his card. Nick insists the money is unimportant but she has to seek professional help. Will Carla listen? Having spoken to Nick, Michelle forces her way into Carla’s flat and handing her the contact details for Steve’s therapist, insists she gets some help or their friendship is over.

Having agreed to set a date, Sally winds Tim up, making out she wants a big posh wedding which will cost a fortune. But her joke backfires when Tim suggests they postpone the wedding for a couple of years so he can save up!

As the story continues, Seeing Leanne being lifted into an ambulance, Zeedan’s shocked and insists he’ll go with her to the hospital. Simon watches, terrified, realising he’s the cause of her injuries. In the hospital, the nurse examines Leanne’s head injury and notices the bruises on her arms. Leanne plays it down but the nurse is suspicious and hands Leanne some leaflets on domestic abuse. Deeply upset, Leanne confides in Zeedan that Simon is the cause of all her injuries. Zeedan’s shocked but Leanne makes him promise not to breathe a word, blaming Simon’s behaviour on his troubled upbringing. But what will Simon’s next move be?

Aidan apologises to Fiz and assures her that her job is safe. Fiz and Tyrone tentatively explain to Hope that she’s got a lump in her tummy which needs to be treated.

Michelle implores Carla to get her life back on track and start by making an appointment with the therapist. Seeing Michelle out, Carla assures her she’s going to pull herself together. But has Carla really taken heed of Michelle’s advice?

Kevin takes on another big contract at the garage.

In Eastenders, Shirley continues to confront Babe about the past. Disgusted by what she hears, Shirley takes matters into her own hands.

Later, Tina, Mick and Shirley decide to give Stan a proper send-off. Can Mick and Shirley use this opportunity to reunite as mother and son?

Meanwhile, Lee comes clean to Whitney by revealing that he has to meet with his CO this afternoon. Lee implies that he would like to return to active duty, but when he returns to The Vic, he soon realises that he is needed there. A supportive Whitney goes with Lee to his meeting, but things begin to go downhill when they bump into his old boss Harry.

As they talk to Sergeant Major Wallace, Whitney is confused when Lee insists he can’t go back on duty yet, going against what he’d said earlier. With Lee waiting to meet his CO, Harry tries to charm Whitney, causing her to bring up what happened between him and Lee in the past. Furious, Harry confronts Lee and gives him a harsh warning. This causes Lee to snap, punching him to the ground in front of Major Wallace and his CO.

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