In Emmerdale, Lawrence talks to his solicitor about the assault but reiterates the problem of his son-in-law still exists and needs sorting – quickly. Soon after, Robert suggests to Lawrence he could do some digging on Connor, but will Lawrence allow Robert to help him, and is Robert’s help genuine? When Lawrence is later asked to attend the police station to go over the evidence, it’s clear things are not looking good. Could Robert’s intervention bring about a change of circumstances for Lawrence?

Jimmy asks Rodney about being a gigolo but is left humiliated when Brenda laughs at him. Later, Rodney’s running late for his date with Suzie and asks Jimmy to entertain her. Jimmy begins to enjoy himself and after a couple of drinks he takes Suzie back home for a coffee, keen to prove Rodney wrong about him. But later, things take an unexpected turn and both Jimmy and Rodney get more than they bargained for.

A stressed Harriet lies to Brenda she’s close to finding Carly. She tells Ashley she can’t tell the authorities about Ged, as Brenda would get in trouble for smuggling the sim card into prison. Later, Harriet’s relieved when David and Diane agree to give Bob a character reference, behind Pollard’s back. Harriet agrees to look after April as Ashley forgot he’d said he could, but could April prove key to tracking Carly down?

Bernice is uneasy around Lawrence following the allegations against him and is further unsettled by Edna’s words of warning, but will Lawrence win her over with his generous offer? Aaron is rattled by Robert’s digs regarding his friendship with Andy and Chas worries when Aaron packs a bag to go to London for a while, sure there is more to it than he’s letting on.

In Coronation Street, As the consultant explains that Hope will need a biopsy to ascertain the stage of the cancer, Fiz and Tyrone reel with shock. Worried sick about Hope, Fiz lashes out at Tyrone, suggesting he wouldn’t be so calm if it were Ruby who was ill. Tyrone’s hurt. As Fiz apologises for her harsh words, will Tyrone be able to offer the reassurance Fiz so desperately needs?

Tim leads Kevin into No.4. Kevin’s thrilled to find they’ve organised a surprise party for him. But Tim’s offended when he overhears Kevin telling Sean that he doesn’t like his bracelet. Will the party leave a bitter after taste?

In the Rovers, Carla pulls out Nick’s credit card and sets up a new gambling account in his name. But how will Nick react when he finds Carla gambling online with his money?

In the bistro, Simon’s rude to Robert and warns him to stay away from Leanne as all her men either end up dead or run away. Embarrassed, Leanne tells Simon he can forget having a new phone. How will Simon take this? Andrea’s gutted to find out that Lloyd spent the night with Liz again. Upset, Roy confides in Cathy that Hope may have cancer. Cathy hides her holdall and making out she’s not ready to return home, asks him if she can stay a while longer.

In Eastenders, Tina, Mick and Shirley arrive at the caravan park where Aunt Babe is staying in Ramsgate. Babe is nowhere to be found, but this doesn’t stop them from breaking into the caravan and searching for Stan’s ashes. Tina finds a suspicious photo album, but just as Shirley is taking a look, they are interrupted by the arrival of Babe. When Babe denies taking Stan’s ashes, Shirley has a private heart-to-heart with her. However, events take a twist when Shirley finds what she’s looking for and suddenly grabs the ashes.

Backed into a corner, Babe begs her family for another chance and asks if she can come back with them. When they say no, Babe reveals that she wants to come clean about what happened to Mick as a baby. At a nearby café, Babe opens up about what happened, but a suspicious Shirley leaves when she mentions Queenie Trott. After putting two and two together, Shirley confronts Babe about her secret.

Meanwhile, despite their own recent argument, Carmel and Masood try to unite to bring Kush and Shabnam back together.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Major Wallace suggests that Lee should see a counsellor after more poor attendance at work. When Lee tells his boss that he can’t meet with his CO that afternoon, Lee is given a harsh reality check.

Also today, Denise and Vincent continue to argue. When Denise accidentally breaks the present for Patrick, Vincent shares a truth about his own childhood.

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