In Emmerdale, Jai tries desperately to sell the cocaine but to no avail. Meanwhile, a frustrated Kirin is trying to get money for his cordial packaging but Rishi can’t help him. Jai, who has seen this, gets an idea. He tries to get Kirin to shift the drugs and even tells him about Rakesh’s history with cocaine to try and convince him. Will Kirin be convinced to risk everything?

Rakesh is furious to learn Jai told Kirin about his past with drugs. Harriet admits she doesn’t have any leads on Carly and Bob’s sentencing is next week.  Pollard’s resentment for Diane grows.

In Coronation Street, Todd overhears Sean and Billy discussing Jason’s condition and how he might need a kidney transplant. Jason remembers being kicked over and over again, and thinks that the voice that he heard was Callum’s. As Callum approaches his car, Tony grabs him and drags him into the ginnel. Tony gives Callum a beating and demands the names of his two accomplices.

As Steve, Michelle and Aidan chat over breakfast, Liz looks shifty. Lloyd tries to creep down the Rovers stairs to make his exit but Steve appears and Lloyd beats a hasty retreat. Steve and Michelle realise that Liz is hiding someone upstairs. How will Steve react when a sheepish Lloyd descends down the stairs? And how does Lloyd feel about Liz’s belief that they could have a future together?

Mary cajoles Emily, Craig and Tim into signing up for Cathy’s art class. Cathy appears nervous and Roy’s sympathetic.

Liz has a change of heart about Rover and so Steve proudly declares himself as the dog’s owner. Unimpressed when again, Carla leaves him to manage a client meeting alone, Aidan confronts her over her gambling problem. Will Carla listen to his calls for her to seek help?

As the story continues, Roy finds Cathy at the bus stop and persuades her to return to the art class. Cathy’s art class proves a huge success and Emily, Tim, Mary and Craig enjoy themselves immensely. Cathy thanks Roy for giving her the confidence to do it. Yasmeen’s delighted when Cathy agrees to take some more art classes.

Under pressure from Steve, Lloyd invites Liz to dinner at the bistro. Lloyd confesses to Dev that he doesn’t want a relationship with Liz, but knows if he comes clean, she’ll be upset and Steve will be furious. As Lloyd and Liz prepare to leave for their date, Andrea sweeps into the pub and begs him to take her back. Leading Andrea into the back yard, Lloyd admits there’s nothing he’d like more than to start again – will they reconcile?

Liz finds Tony terrorising Callum in the ginnel and orders him to stop, pointing out he’ll be no use to Jason if he ends up in prison. Callum slinks away.

A guilty Tracy reluctantly agrees to support Robert at Maddie’s charity evening at the bistro. Aidan and Carla put their differences aside, but Michelle is concerned as Carla knocks back the wine. Carla admits to Michelle and Aidan that she blames herself for the deaths of Maddie and Kal. Todd calls at the hospital and offers to donate a kidney to save Jason. Eileen’s touched when she overhears Todd, will the family be able to bury the hatchet and move forward?

In Eastenders, Shabnam and Masood have waited all night to feel the baby’s usual movements. Masood thinks they should go to the hospital as they have felt nothing, but Shabnam is in denial and insists on waiting longer. Soon afterwards, Kush surprises Shabnam and shows her the nursery for their baby but he doesn’t get the reaction he was expecting when Shabnam runs out upset. Masood follows Shabnam and tells her he has spoken to the midwife, who thinks they should go to the hospital.

At the hospital, the midwife is unable to find a heartbeat for the baby and Shabnam eventually asks Masood to call Kush. After Kush arrives, the doctor breaks the news that the baby has tragically died.

Meanwhile, a hungover Martin takes Stacey out for lunch and promises to change his ways by taking responsibility. Still unconvinced, Stacey reveals that she has no medication left and is considering staying off it altogether. Martin repeats his commitment to her, but she urges him to think carefully and gives him the option of leaving her. She says that when she returns home, he can either be there for her or have left. What will Martin decide?

Elsewhere, Tamwar and Nancy open up about their past relationships.

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