In Emmerdale, Cain’s angry to learn Pete is hanging around but Moira thinks he wouldn’t attack Debbie as he worships the ground she walks on. Cain, however, points out Cameron did as well! Later, Debbie’s unnerved to see Pete in her house. He tells her he is just picking up his stuff, but he’s heartbroken to see she’s terrified of him.

At the prison, Bob tells a terrified Brenda that she won’t have to sneak any more stuff into prison and hopes his bravado has reassured he. Later, in the cell, Bob stands up to Ged but is wary when he agrees not to go near Brenda again. He worries he has made things worse. Later, Harriet’s shocked when Bob rings her and says she has to change her statement about Ged because if she doesn’t, Ged will hurt Brenda. Harriet tells Bob to lie to Ged that she’ll do what he wants, hopeful Bob will be released before Ged goes to trial.

Zak tells Megan that Rachel is as much to blame as Jai for Sam’s current state and explains why. At Home Farm, Sam can’t believe Zak has told Megan and he is furious until he is completely thrown when she rushes out, to be sick. Sam insists he take her to see a doctor and she reluctantly agrees. Later, Sam realises Megan is still pregnant and invites her to live with him. She is grateful for his support. However, Jai evicts Sam from his house when he learns about Megan moving in. At the factory, Rishi and Priya try to mollify clients who have heard the gossip about Jai. Megan tells them about Jai evicting her and Sam and asks Rishi for help. Rishi warns Jai that unless they recover the orders he lost they won’t be able to pay the staff and says he’ll only help Jai with the business if he lets Megan stay rent free with Sam.

Doug watches Val’s DVD as he helps with funeral arrangements but is left unimpressed when Val has given Diane some advice. Later, in the pub, Doug shows Laurel the comedy tie he’s bought for the funeral, anxious to prove Val was wrong about him.

Jai looks for Rachel but Lisa and Zak refuse to help him. Emma’s overwhelmed when James suggests they tell people they’re back together

Alicia tells Jacob they can’t go to Portugal at the moment as David has to look after Pollard.

In Coronation Street, against Eileen’s advice, Tony tells the police that he saw Callum hanging around just before Jason was beaten up. Tony returns from the police station in a foul mood because the police were disbelieving. Jason regains consciousness and Eileen, Tony and Sean learn the extent of his injuries.

When Aidan shows Carla her new company car, she’s underwhelmed, and leaving him to deal with a client, she heads off in it to the casino. Michelle returns from Ireland and senses the tension between Carla and Aidan. Michelle, Carla, Aidan and Steve enjoy a family meal at the bistro. Aidan delights in winding Robert up by complaining about the food.

In an attempt to cheer Lloyd up, Liz invites him to spend the evening with her, suggesting that they can watch TV and share a takeaway. Lloyd reluctantly agrees. As Liz and Lloyd compare their failed relationships, Liz gives Lloyd a comforting hug…

Cathy reluctantly agrees to give art classes at the community centre. Tim catches Craig on the phone to Caitlin. Tim tells Craig that he’s going to miss Miley over the next couple of weeks as the Hodges are going on holiday to Canada.

In Eastenders, Masood and Carmel’s situation becomes even more embarrassing when Kush also walks into the bedroom and sees them together. Masood quickly leaves after trying to explain the situation, but he gets himself in even more trouble once he’s back at home. Masood again tries to explain his actions, but an angry Kush sees the commotion and gets involved. When Kush and Masood begin to fight, Shabnam gets upset and heads off to Stacey’s to discuss the situation.

Mick steps in and manages to calm down Kush, bringing him back to The Vic to continue the stag celebrations. Unfortunately, Mick’s surprise for the event hasn’t gone according to plan, so the event comes to an early end.

Later, Shabnam returns home to apologise to her father for getting so angry, but it’s clear to Masood that something else is wrong. After some encouragement from Masood, Shabnam reveals that she is not sure she can remember the last time she felt her baby move.

Meanwhile, Martin returns home to talk to Stacey, but her doubts continue to grow when he is too drunk to have a conversation.

Elsewhere, Tina attempts to bring Mick and Shirley back together, but will her plan work?

Also today, Lee worries about his relationship with Whitney when he realises she has lied to him about her plans.

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