A 13-man group that swapped child pornography on the internet has been arrested by the National Police, with five British nationals detained including a former Alicante Province resident being held in Manchester , in addition to a registered British sex offender in Malaga.  The ring used “peer to peer” internet sharing to exchange what the National Police described as “extreme” pornographic material involving very young children. They carried out raids in Madrid, Alicante, Badajoz, Girona, Guadalajara, Baleares, Lugo, Malaga and Valencia, and besides the arrests, they seized a stack of gear including 38 hard drives; 13 computers; 11 pen drives; three tablets; 103 CDs and DVDs; five mobile phones; a wireless receiver ;and four memory cards.

Information on the British arrests was limited as The Courier went to press but the National Police said that the man held in Malaga had served four years in a British jail for child sex abuse and was categorised as a high risk sex offender back in the UK, and was the subject of an order that meant that he could have no conduct with children aged 16 or under. The man detained in Manchester had apparently recently moved there after living in the Costa Blanca region, and Interpol helped in his arrest. No details were made available on the other three British nationals. Of the non-British arrests, six were Spaniards; one was Italian; and the other Venezuelan.  The National Police added the investigation was still ongoing to find out who had actually produced the material and whether any of those detained were directly involved in any of the videoed abuse.

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