In Emmerdale, A very worried Emma now knows Ross hasn’t touched his bank accounts and believes Debbie might know his whereabouts. Emma heads to find out more but things get heated. Later, Debbie asks Cain where Ross is, hoping to get Emma off her back. Debbie is horrified when Cain tells her he left Ross in a van backed up to the edge of a precipitous cliff but explains he was not there when he went back. Meanwhile Emma is stewing, convinced Debbie knows more than she let on and later returns to confront her again.

Ashley goes to see Dan who is working at the garage but suddenly has a seizure and Dan feels helpless and doesn’t know what to do.

Jimmy admits he’s having to sell the house to keep afloat and he hasn’t told Nicola.

As the story continues, In the Woolpack, a furious Emma questions Cain, who admits to having warned Ross off and giving him a fake passport. Emma despairs and says if any harm has come to her son, she knows who to blame. Debbie tells Pete she asked her dad to get rid of Ross and tells him about the van and the quarry and Pete, rather than confessing, agrees with Debbie it looks bad for Cain. Secretly Pete begins to panic at the thought of Emma calling the police.

Suspicious Joanie, tells Zak she is worried about Sam, explaining she saw bruises on his arm. Zak checks with Sam who denies but Zak remains concerned.

Jimmy isn’t impressed with Rakesh’s low house offer. But soon Kirin and Rakesh come up with a plan to pull a fast one and get Jimmy to agree to their paltry offer but will it work?

Coronation Street is also on tonight and Tony is bemused when he sees Callum’s heavies leaving the ginnel. Kylie and David are concerned as to where Max has been when he returns home clearly upset: what has he seen and will he be brave enough to tell his mum? Meanwhile Sarah finds an unconscious Jason in the ginnel and phones for an ambulance as his family gather round, horrified at the extent of his injuries. Knowing exactly who was behind the attack, can the Platts formulate a plan to put a stop to Callum’s ways once and for all?

Desperate for Carla to stay in Weatherfield, he begs her to reconsider her decision to move away. Pulling out all the stops he finally confesses that he wishes he were with her and not Erica. How will Carla respond, and will it be enough to make her stay?

Dougie’s presence is starting to irritate camp members as he shows off his fire-fighting and foraging skills. When Fiz tells Craig that it’s obvious he really likes Caitlin and that he shouldn’t waste any time in making a move, he gets embarrassed. Will Craig tell his campmate how he feels? When he later receives a text message confirming he’s passed all of his GCSEs, the camp come together to celebrate.

In Eastenders, Phil hides a bag of cash in The Arches. He later returns to find that Ben and Jay have found Kathy’s sunglasses and he’s infuriated when Ben teases him about having another woman.

Back home, Phil finds Sharon wanting to speak to him, but she soon changes her mind when she senses his mood. However, Phil is soon left panicking when he comes downstairs to find Sharon holding his phone asking who “K” is…

Meanwhile, Shabnam is making preparations for the nursery, but she isn’t pleased when Kush insists that the decorating will have to wait as he is planning to go on his stag party abroad. Shabnam tries to talk to Stacey about the situation, but Stacey is distracted by her own worries and she opens up about taking her medication while she is pregnant.

Later, Shabnam decides to confront Kush but is surprised when she finds him decorating the nursery. He admits that his stag party claims were just a cover for his surprise. The couple are then interrupted by an upset Carmel, who is looking for a place to sleep.

Elsewhere, Stacey confirms an appointment with the midwife.

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