¡Hola! ¿qué tal? Espero que todo esté bien y estés disfrutando el verano. La vida española es una de las más relajando del mundo y ya veremos con tanto calor, no se puede hacer muchas cosas durante el día, es el momento perfecto para descansar y pasar un buen rato con amigos y la familia.

This week we are going to look at some useful Spanish phrases with their English meaning, see how many of these you can incorporate into your week as you speak with Spanish friends, neighbours and the various people you come into contact with. Some of these sayings may have other meanings but I am going to give you the common idiom rather than the direct translation which it may also mean.

When you´re talking to friends and you´re not sure about what they are saying you can reply with ¡Anda ya! which can be used to mean ´pull the other one!´ or ´you´re not serious!´, ¡Anímate! is a very common word in Spanish, if someone is feeling a bit down or worried about something you can say !Anímo! or !Anímate! which translates as ´cheer up´. ¡Cálmate! is used to tell someone to calm down, or ´keep your hair on!´. If you want someone to hurry up you say to them ¡Date prisa!. note the use of the object pronoun ´te´ in the aforementioned phrases, which I hope you remember means ´you´ Imagine you are having a conversation with someone and you aren´t sure that what they are saying is correct you can say to them ¿De verdad? Which means ´really?´ this can be used as a positive statement as ´really!´ – ¡de verdad!

When someone sneezes (estornuda) I hope you know that you say ¡Jesús! and if someone annoys you, you may want to say ¡qué cara! Which in English translates as ´What a cheek! ¡qué lío! is used to mean ´what a mess!´ in a general work type of way, as in you have a lot of paperwork to sort through and you don´t know where to start, un lío translates as ´a mess´. You may also hear Spanish speaker say ´tengo mucho lío´ when they want to say they have a lot of trouble or hassle. If you want to buy something and you think it´s over-priced you may say ¡qué timo! which we would say in English as ´what a rip off!´

When you´re enjoying a drink with friends I hope you all raise your glasses and say a big ¡Salud! instead of cheers! The next idiom was covered by me a while ago but I think it´s worth repeating especially if you have children: ¡ten cuidado! Can you remember what it means? That´s right in English we would say ´be careful!´ or ´watch out!´ If you want to say ´How come?´ In English you may be struggling with a translation as it´s an English phrase the translation of course is not literal, so you would say ¿cómo es eso? or ¿por qué? To say ´by the way´ you would say in Spanish ´A propósito´. One translation that is literal is ´cruzando los dedos´ which or course is ´crossing your fingers´. You should all know the next one, how do we say ´you´re welcome´ in Spanish? Of course we say ´de nada´. If you have had a busy day and you just want to relax on your own for a while you can say ´leave me alone´, or you could say ´déjeme en paz´.

It does take time to master all the nuances of the Spanish language and speaking with native Spaniards is the perfect way to it, which is why I’m going to start some classes in the Almoradi area in October with a native speaker. We will cater for all levels and give me a call or send me an e-mail without any obligation! The number is 625 437 217 and the e-mail is  onevoicespain@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great week, ¡hasta la próxima!

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