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234 Britains Spending SecretsTV presenter and journalist Anne Robinson sets off on a road trip to get up close and personal with people from across the wealth spectrum and puts their spending habits under the microscope.

Money – there’s nothing more revealing than the way we spend it. As we slowly emerge from years of recession, Britain’s spending secrets have never been so fascinating. Whether we’re buying designer handbags or cheap fast fashion, bargain hunting in Lidl or insisting on Ocado home deliveries, how we spend our money reveals what really matters to us.

And while most of us are secretive about the way we spend our own money, we’re fantastically judgmental about how others spend theirs. While our currency unites us as a nation, the way we use it divides us into different social classes and spending tribes – from the uber-rich one percent, to the ‘squeezed middle’ and the ‘working poor’.

Over the two episodes, Anne leaves the comfort of the studio and meets people from across the spending spectrum and the people we love to judge – from those on benefits to billionaires. She visits their homes and joins them on spending sprees so that she can see, first hand, how they choose to spend their money and why. She wants to find out if the way we spend makes us happy and if our spending habits always equate to our personal wealth. Are the poor thrifty and the rich big spenders or vice versa? And what does our spending reveal about us and our values?

Anne Robinson admits she loves to spend her money on her homes, clothes, family and friends, but what about the rest of us? In this episode she meets a single mum on benefits who’s got herself into debt by spending beyond her means; a super-rich entrepreneur who only believes in spending on things which can make him more money; a Baroness who inherited wealth but also has a passion for thriftiness; and an eco-warrior who tries not to spend anything at all.

Anne wants to find out what our spending says about who we are and what we value. This is no easy task given that the British are known for being tight-lipped when it comes to money but that’s not going to stop her.

We love to judge other people’s spending habits, so Anne also gets two families to lay bare their finances to each other. The Addicots are a hard-working family earning £25,000 a year. They are bargain hunters who struggle to feed their family of six. What will they make of the Stevens family – a middle class family earning £100,000 a year who spend hundreds a month on café lattes, thousands on holidays abroad and think that only private education will do for their children?

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