It is every parent’s worst nightmare to discover that their child has been abducted and smuggled overseas. In most such cases, cases the perpetrator is not an anonymous stranger but a close relative, frequently the child’s other parent.

In the UK a child is taken away by a parent or family member every 12 hours – indeed, over the past decade the number of children abducted by an estranged partner has doubled. The parent left behind often has to endure years of heartache, with the prospect of litigation through a confusing succession of foreign courts and a debilitating fight with their ex-partner for the right just to see their child again. Some never manage to do so.

This new documentary, narrated by Paul McGann, follows three parents on their emotional and dramatic journeys as they desperately try to get their children back from countries around the world.

The programme features exclusive access to a team of child recovery experts who bring children home, and shows how some parents have resorted to desperate measures in order to see their kids again.