When I visit people to analyse the behaviour of their dogs, one of the main points I make is that a dog comes into our lives to teach us things. Some dog owners will take it on board and their lives change dramatically in a very positive way but sadly others fail to take notice. So here is your chance and my wish is that you read carefully here as to what a dog has to teach you. Your dog will be so happy you did and I simply cannot stress this enough. Dogs are on this earth to teach us four things. They are as follows:-


Teaching One: Dogs have no ego. When I was younger, I though only footballers and movie stars had egos, but I was wrong. We all do. Ego is the thinking that I am right and you are wrong. It is the “Who do you think you’re looking at?” mentality. It is what causes wars throughout time and much suffering. When you drop the need to be right, you are allowing happiness into your life. Like I say to people now, “I would rather be happy than be right”.

Imagine if someone does something horrible to you in life. You have two choices. The first is to fight back, which will cause you misery. The second is to ignore it, which will give you balance and peace.


Teaching Two: Dogs have instant forgiveness. I have worked with dogs who have been physically abused and even sexually abused by human beings, but when I work with them,

they show instant forgiveness and give me a chance, although I am a member of the same species that did the wrong to them. Instant forgiveness is an amazing thing and it takes away the bitterness that can grow inside you for years and therefore ruin your life. I used to rarely forgive and it made me a very bitter person. I now forgive and bitterness is no longer part of me, only peace is.


Teaching Three: Dogs live in the now. Not the past or the future, only the now. Many humans live in a negative state, which is either thinking about the past, or thinking about the future and sadly never living in the now. That is why, when a dog walks down the street, they notice the beauty of the floating butterfly, but the human rarely does, as they are wrapped up in thought and not the present moment. All you ever have in life is the present moment, so learn from the dog and live it to the fullest.


Teaching Four: Dogs follow calm. Many humans in the world follow chaos and anarchy. Look at the world at the moment and the mess it is in. A lot of this is caused by humans not following calm. Give a dog a choice to follow either a calm person or an erratic person and they will follow the calm person a hundred times out of a hundred without fail. So nurture calm in your life and not chaos.


So there it is: – the teachings of a dog. Now you have a choice to make. Turn the page and forget about what you have just read or make the most amazing change in your life and follow what our furry friends have to teach us. The choice is yours. I so sincerely hope you follow the latter, as I did. Then you will forever know the wisdom of a dog.


www.thedogyouneed.com is my registered charity, where we rehabilitate the most severely abused animals, and do visit the site to learn about our work and also if you can help us out in anyway. It will be much appreciated and thank you in advance.




    When I visit dog owners, one of the main points I make is that a dog comes into our lives …
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