In Thursday´s hour-long Emmerdale, with the note on her mind, Chrissie scrolls through Robert’s phone but is caught when he walks in, so she shows him the note. Fuming, Robert explains it’s a pathetic joke and heads out, with a good idea who sent it. Approaching Aaron, Robert accuses him of sending the note. But Lawrence comes over, interrupting and asks Robert to be director of the business. Later, Robert’s suspicions are confirmed when he sees Paddy and Aaron arguing. Robert confronts Paddy warning him to back off. Later, at the farm Paddy has just rescued a calf and is climbing out of a grain pit when slips back off the ladder hurting his leg, he calls out for help but Andy doesn’t hear. A menacing Robert is lurking and seeing Paddy trapped, unseen flicks the grain auger on. As the grain starts to flow, filling up the pit with Paddy in it, Paddy screams, unheard for help over the noise of the machine. Soon poor desperate Paddy is still stuck in the grain pit, calling out for help, knowing this could end very badly indeed as the grain level continues to rise. Unseen Robert watches on from the shadows. As the grain gets higher Paddy attempts to climb out, but falls banging his head and knocking himself unconscious. The grain is now covering his unconscious body. Robert peers over, in some way thrilled but also worried. Elsewhere, Marlon’s frustrated Paddy has stood him up and Chas worries something is wrong….

When Vanessa has wrongly assumed the money was from her father. And is about to go and visit him but faltering.  Kirin realises something is wrong and Vanessa confesses she thinks the money has been sent by her father. Meanwhile, Priya explains to Rakesh she is not happy with the situation but she’s accepting it. Vanessa isn’t ready to face her father and when Kirin explains Rakesh feels guilty.

Rodney returns home from Amsterdam with an X rated gift for Jimmy which backfires! Dan argues with Kerry over her college course commitment and whilst they row, Kyle wanders off. Carly’s plumber won’t start work without payment. Unable to pay, the workmen pack up to leave. Lawrence has a proposition for Robert not only to be a director of the business but he’s put him in his will.

Rodney questions how Nicola will react when she finds out the full story on Tracy. Jimmy is adamant she won’t. Later Rodney queries Jimmy’s feelings for Tracy.  Carly spots Lawrence’s advert.

In Coronation Street, Sarah admits that Callum has dumped her and she intends to move back to Italy. Bethany’s horrified and calls at Callum’s flat, desperate to sort her mum’s love life out so she doesn’t have to return to Italy. Witnessing Gemma arrive with a delivery of drugs, Bethany suggests Callum rekindles his relationship with Sarah and in return she’ll keep quiet about his line of business. Will Callum go along with Bethany or is she in way too deep attempting to blackmail Callum?

Leanne steals herself and tells Simon that Grandma Deirdre has died. Simon appears unfazed and heads to his room to play his computer game leaving Leanne worried. Meanwhile having found out about Deirdre, Amy’s inconsolable. When Roy and Carla call at No.1 to pay their respects Tracy makes her feelings for Carla clear and slams the door in her face. In the Rovers, the regulars raise their glasses in a toast to Deirdre.

Carla heads off in a taxi to a casino in town.

Gail’s unimpressed to find Eileen and Michael enjoying dinner together in the bistro. She breaks the news to them of Deirdre’s death. As Michael comforts a devastated Eileen, Gail watches, consumed with jealousy.

In Eastenders, Lily’s dance recital is taking place today and Stacey is determined to make her the perfect dress for the occasion after spotting Lexi’s outfit. Martin is keen to talk to Stacey about yesterday’s events, but she angrily insists that she is fine and asks him to leave. Frustrated after the conversation, Stacey tears Lily’s dress in two – meaning that she has to pull together another one at the very last minute.

Later, the recital goes wrong when Lily gets embarrassed and refuses to dance. Stacey reacts badly following snide comments from the Mitchells and storms out. Having embarrassed her daughter, Stacey finally realises that she should make an appointment with the doctor. She also opens up to Martin and reveals that she doesn’t want Lily to go through what she did as a child.

Meanwhile, Nancy’s suspicions grow when Lee snaps at her again. Later, Lee’s boss arrives at The Vic and reveals that he didn’t turn up for work. The visitor plays this down to Nancy and Linda, but later speaks to Lee in private and encourages him to talk about his problems by seeking help from a medical officer. When Nancy later finds Lee crying at The Vic, he reveals that he has been told to seek help from a doctor.

Elsewhere, Jane is still keen to bring the Beale family back together. She invites a reluctant Cindy to dinner, but will it go according to plan?

Also today, Kim infuriates Denise by suggesting that she should become Pearl’s nanny!


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