In Emmerdale, Paddy attempts to steer Aaron away from Robert but his plan is ruined, resulting in Robert and Aaron being left together alone. The attraction’s still there between them. Paddy warns Aaron he should stay away from Robert but when Robert suggests a drink Aaron defiantly agrees. Later, the sexual tension is bubbling as Robert and Aaron flirt and end up kissing, lost in their passion. Paddy is shocked when he turns up and finds them together. Later, a frustrated Paddy puts a plan into action as he writes a letter to Chrissie. Later, Robert unwittingly hands her the letter. She reads  ‘Rein your cheating husband in’… (She doesn’t show Robert what she has just read).

A determined Brenda sets off to the hospital with Chas, steeling herself for what’s to come and terrified for her scan. Soon Brenda’s relieved to have been given the all clear, but is shocked to see Bob has arrived at the hospital and Chas admits to having called him. Bob hugs Brenda tightly, overcome with gratitude and relief, as he struggles with his guilt.

Dan been re-writing his essay for college, Kerry’s sure she can do hers in her lunch hour. Later Joanie and Kerry argue over what is best for Kyle. Rakesh questions why Kirin can’t stay away from Vanessa, Priya explains it’s called ‘love’. Carly’s annoyed to get another plumbing bill telling Bob they need more money.

In our mid-week Corrie, Deirdre’s friends pile into the Rovers for her surprise party. At No.1 Ken readies himself for the big night as Audrey tends to Tracy’s hair. They’re interrupted by a knock at the door. Ken’s surprised to find that it’s Bev but without Deirdre. Clearly upset, Bev breaks the news that Deirdre died this afternoon. Ken, Tracy and Audrey can only look at her in stunned silence as Bev explains how she passed away. In the pub a devastated Liz and Bev break the news that Deirdre has died. Back at home Tracy and Ken break down, unable to contemplate life without Deirdre.

When Kylie tells Sarah that Callum is taking her for a ride, and that he tried it on with her yesterday, Sarah’s worried. Confronting Callum, Sarah demands to know if what Kylie said is true. How will Callum respond?

Cathy apologises to Roy and asks him if he’ll return to the house with her and make a start on clearing out all the rubbish. At Cathy’s house, Roy surveys the piles of mess and forms a plan. Cathy tries to share his enthusiasm.

Michael and Eileen enjoy a drink in the bistro, clearly fond of each other.

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