Spain’s socialist PSOE party has officially nominated their leader, Pedro Sanchez, to be their Prime Ministerial candidate in this autumn’s general election.  43 year old Sánchez, vowed in his acceptance speech to make the fight against joblessness and corruption the centrepiece of his government if he is elected.  Sánchez took the reins of the party in July 2014 after the Socialists suffered their worst-ever election showing in a European Parliament vote, leading the previous leader Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba to step down.

In a poll published on Sunday in the El Pais newspaper, Sánchez came second amongst the most favoured politicians after the leader of Ciudadanos, 35-year-old Albert Rivera. Polls suggest that the general election will be a four-way race in which no party wins an outright majority, making post-vote alliance-building and deals essential, similar to what has happened in the wake of the recent local and regional votes.