A weather alert was issued by the Spanish government on Thursday evening, supporting warning from the Protección Civil and met office, warning of high temperatures from Friday.

Temperatures could reach 38 degrees in inland areas of the peninsular, whereas in Valencia temperatures are expected to reach 36 degrees.

The weather alert is expected to remain in place until at least Tuesday of next week, with extreme care required to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, remain in well ventilated and shaded places, drink plenty of water and wear light clothing and protection when outdoors.

Meanwhile, under the threat of drought across the entire country, the Ministry of the Environment has authorised the first emergency transfers of water between reservoirs, with 35 cubic hectometres of water being authorised to be taken from the Pedrera reservoir in Torremendo, in order to alleviate the severe threat to the agriculture sector.

This is in addition to the 15 cubic hectometres already transferred from the Pedrera to the central zone. As of Thursday of this week, before the 35 cubic hectometre transfer, the Pedrera reservoir was holding 155 cubic hectometres of its 246 capacity.

Across the Segura basin, the reservoirs are collectively holding 58% of their capacity. This time last year, the reservoirs were at 74% capacity.

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