The National Police have called time on a Murcia region gang that charged up to two thousand euros for foreigners to pass their theoretical driving tests in the area.



15 people have been arrested as a sophisticated operation was smashed which saw the fraudsters advertise in mainly Chinese shops around the Murcia region offering guaranteed passes to the written test with no knowledge of the Spanish language needed.

The gang used radio links and microphones to dictate the answers to candidates sitting the test papers via a hidden earpiece. They also used stand-in’s for candidates who appeared to look the same as those in their identity photos, as well as forging non-Spanish licenses and other documents.

Authorities were alerted to what was going on last summer when a Pakistani candidate was found to have audio equipment on him when he was sitting a paper. The gang had an international flavour about them with Guinea, Pakistan, China, Morocco, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Ghana all represented in the elaborate scam.

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