We as a charity get hundreds of requests every day to take in abused and abandoned animals.


When we do agree to take a certain animal, within a few hours, that dog or cat is quickly forgotten about by most of the public and it is then left up to us to pick up the pieces and pay for huge medical bills that we were not expecting, which has happened with many of the dogs we have recently rescued. One dog, we were asked if they could stay with us for a few weeks, while transport was sorted to England. When the dog arrived with us, she needed 250 euros worth of medical treatment and medication! That simply is not right, when people are not honest from the start.


Different rescue centres have different capacities. Our capacity is not huge, because we take in severely absurd animals who need extensive rehabilitation. We are currently 25 animals over our capacity and people are still trying to push more our way. People just think that we can keep taking in more animals, while our re-homing record is shocking. Yes, we get loads of likes and shares on Facebook, but rarely, very rarely does it result in one of our dogs being re-homed. One of our dogs in particular has been viewed and shared together, almost 6000 times and we still have not had a single enquiry. Our monthly expenditure is now 4,000 euros and to find that figure each month is hugely demanding, as well as looking after 45 animals!


What really annoys me is that some people just presume that we will automatically take in any animal. Yes, we would love to, but our capacity is not huge. A capacity is there to be adhered to for many reasons including safety. Take football, as an example. West Ham’s capacity is 34,000, but if they started allowing 45,000 in the ground, this would cause a massive problem, as well as safety implications.


I remember a TVdocumentary two years ago about London’s soaring population. The commentator made a great point as he said- “If you put two rats in a box, all is well, but if you fill that box with 20 rats, they will attack each other and many social problems will occur”. That is so true. We currently have so many dogs, that attacks have happened in the last few months and the reason for these fights is simply because there are too many here. We get the most desperate appeals for dogs that have been through sheer hell and that is putting it middy. I am talking about dogs who have been burnt, have had parts of their bodies sawed off for fun and dogs who have been sexually abused by wicked and warped human beings. Try saying “No” when one of those dogs are offered to you to rescue.


I make no bones about the fact that rescuing animals is the hardest job we have ever gone into. Not because of the duties involved, but because of the strange members of the public who will simply attack you for rescuing abused animals, while they sit on their bums and do nothing. I still cannot work that one out, but yes, it is true! In the past I have replied and fought back at these attacks, but will no longer do so, as it is simply pointless. You will never win against such warped, cruel and twisted people, so it is best to simply ignore and carry on the good work that we are doing.


We have tremendous supporters out there and you know who you are, but we also have a massive struggle in getting awareness and support for the crucial work we undertake. Our life is engrossed in rescue, from the moment we wake, until we sleep. We have not watched a TV show in peace now for three years, such is the work demand. Many people say to me, “It’s your choice, you chose to rescue animals”. That is very true. I do respect and appreciate that view,  but if you were one of those animals who had just been raped by a human or battered, wouldn’t you, with your big brown eyes, give a desperate plea to a human that just says, “HELP ME”? And if you did, what would you want that human to reply?


www.thedogyouneed.com is a registered charity, where we rehabilitate the most severely abused animals. Our charity registration number is 1157175. If you would be kind enough to donate anything to this special cause you can do by Paypal, where the account details are peter@thedogyouneed.com or to our Nat West charity account, where the sort code is 60-16-03 and the account number is 73754900. Anyone wanting to pay into the Spanish account, can do, where the details are The Spanish account is Cajamurcia bank. Account number 9007006467. IBAN – ES42 0487 0485 7290 0700 6467. BIC – GBMNESMMXXX. When donating via Paypal, can you please choose the option, personal payment or gift. Thank you sincerely.




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