One of Pilar de la Horadada’s iconic landmarks, the Watch Tower built in 1591, is not being opened to the public by the structure’s owners, which means the law is being broken.

The Información newspaper reports that the tower has to be legally open to visitors at least four times a month, and that is not happening.

The structure was registered in the General Registry of Real Estate of Spanish Cultural Interest back in 1995, and must be subject to regular inspections and maintenance.

Información says that the last inspection report was done nearly two years ago and there has been nothing since then, with the doors well and truly closed to everybody.

A spokesman from the Valencian government is quoted as saying that “no construction or maintenance work has been authorised inside the tower or the house annex for two years, but it is unclear whether anything has actually happened since the March 2016 inspection.”

The tower was constructed as part of a defensive network by King Felipe II to protect the inhabitants of what was then called Campo de la Horadada against the pirates who roamed the Mediterranean Sea.

Pilar’s culture councillor, Maria Trinidad Escarabaja, told Información that despite the law being flouted over opening the tower to visitors, the owners are getting tax breaks because of the historical value of the property.

The councillor stated that they had tried to negotiate organised visits to the tower put together by the council, who offered to finance the trips, but were met with a negative response.

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