A man accused of at least 53 crimes of fraud and misrepresentation which netted him at least 300 thousand euros, has been arrested in Callosa de Segura.

The 20-year-old pretended that he ran a successful computer company and produced a variety of documents to back up his story.

In fact, he copied a variety of papers, including a set of founding deeds, when he went for a job interview at a firm, and he used the copies as part of a scam to con people out of money.

His ruse was eventually rumbled when the owner of the firm started receiving a whole load of demands for payment, and he went to the Guardia Civil.

The fraudster managed to gain access to phone lines, and to place orders for goods and services on behalf of his family and friends, using the name of the company.

The copied papers gave him access to rental properties, as well as to luxury hotels, in addition to many purchases.

He bought computer and electronic equipment, as well as several cars, including one valued at 85 thousand euros.

The man was bailed by an Orihuela court, with the Guardia Civil saying that the investigation is still ongoing, with a strong possibility that more crimes could be added to an already lengthy charge sheet.

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