A mass brawl broke out on Saturday afternoon involving two junior football teams and the spectators watching the game at the Esteban Rosado stadium at Sports City, Torrevieja, with Guardia Civil and Local Police officers called in to break it up.

Only two minutes were left on the clock of the Group Four Regional Preferente Juvenil (16 to 18 years category) clash between CF Torrevieja and CF Lacross Babel from Alicante, when things turned nasty, after Torrevieja had just levelled up the score at two-two.

The referee stated in his match report, as reported by the Información newspaper, that a Torrevieja youngster, who was sat on the bench, decided to have a verbal altercation with a Babel player, who he accused of hitting the face of a Torrevieja teammate after the home side had made it two-all with a penalty.

The words turned to action as the Torrevieja player then rushed onto the field and punched the Babel player with his right fist, inflicting a bruise on his left cheekbone as well as a nose bleed.

Players from both sides, plus the substitutes, then joined in the altercation, with the fans (mainly family members of the players) deciding to enter the fray, as a mass fight replaced the scheduled sport of football, causing the referee to abandon the match and take refuge in the dressing room.

External help was summonsed with four Guardia Civil patrol cars plus agents from Torrevieja’s local police GRO team arriving at the scene and managing to break things up, with no need for an ambulance to be brought in. Nobody was actually arrested, but officers identified the main parties involved if individuals chose to take the matter further.

The Información newspaper reports that CF Torrevieja are going to take serious measures against their player, in addition to whatever action is taken by the Valencia FA, which at best will be a lengthy suspension for the unruly teen.

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