The Orihuela area is getting a raw deal from the Valencian government according to the Orihuela Partido Popular president, Dámaso Aparicio.

Aparicio, who is also a councillor on the PP-led Orihuela council, says that the municipality is being snubbed over 50 applications for projects to be included in the 2018 budgets.

“We cannot count on the Valencian government to look after the interests of our citizens,” said Aparacio.

“Many improvements like extensions to the Vega Baja hospital or a new multifunctional centre for the Orihuela Costa come under the responsibility of Valencia, and even if Orihuela council had the money for a range of projects, we could never do them, because we would not have the legal power to do so.”

Projects that the Valencian “left of centre” coalition of President Ximo Puig have funded since they came to power in the spring of 2015 have included finding money for the completion of the Orihuela Costa emergency centre at La Zenia, as well as the building of a new major health centre for Orihuela City.

Dámaso Aparicio claims however that promises have been broken by the regional administration and that they ” don’t want to know anything about the Orihuela area”.

“The Valencian government would rather prioritise one hundred million euros for Valencian language movies on the soon-to-be-reopened regional television service, rather than funding an outpatient clinic for the Orihuela Costa,” added Aparicio.

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