A Benejúzar woman who was jailed in May 2014 after being convicted of killing her daughter’s rapist, on the back of a lengthy legal process and appeals, is be allowed to complete the rest of her sentence on a day release scheme, which means that she only has to spend every night behind bars.

The crime, which hit the international headlines, dates back to 2005 when Maria del Carmen Garcia (pictured in 2014) came across her daughter’s rapist Antonio Cosme, who was on a pass out of jail, and after soaking him in petrol in the bar he was at the time, set him on fire.

She had already served a year on remand in 2006 and was sentenced for murder and causing injuries to five and a half years in 2009 after the initial term of nine years was reduced because at the time she suffered a mental disorder. Appeals to the Spanish cabinet and to the Supreme Court to quash the sentence were rejected despite a mass outcry in María’s favour.

The Informacion newspaper has reported that she is to be transferred to Fontcalent prison from her home of Villena jail, with the sentence finishing next August. The prison board at Villena wanted Maria to go onto her more liberal regime back in June, but the Interior Ministry blocked the move due to the severity of the crime.

That decision was appealed and overturned at the end of last month, with a key factor being that she had been given six prison releases permits over the last 18 months and had returned to Villena jail as scheduled, and that she had followed all the rules during her stay behind bars.

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