The Federation of Associations of Orihuela Costa (FAOC) has been in touch with the Valencian Ombudsman again, this time to complain about the waste cleaning and removal services provided by Orihuela council.

Earlier this year, José Cholbi received a complaint from FAOC about the state of local play areas, and ruled that Orihuela council should do something about it. Though his views had no legal standing, the authority responded last week with a package of measures over the matter, as reported in The Courier.

This time Cholbi, along with the Valencian government’s environmental health department, has been furbished with files outlining FAOC’s concerns that municipal ordinances regarding urban cleaning, sanitation and management for the Orihuela Costa by Orihuela council have been broken for over two years.

The report is filled with photographs of uncleared rubbish and communications with the Orihuela authority over the matter. The complaint to the Valencia environmental health department warns about the risk to health for Orihuela Costa residents, with the chance of infectious diseases being spread due to the large number of large number of flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats, dogs and feral cats that feast on the uncollected garbage.

FAOC talk about old rubbish collection vehicles that are not fit for purpose, along with bad management and irregular collections, together with a shortage of workers and not enough containers to put trash in.

The association wants the Ombudsman to call on Orihuela council to “budget appropriately” for waste collections and services for the Orihuela Costa in the authority’s 2018 budget, which FAOC claim will not cover the needs of the area, based on the latest municipal budget.


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