The Confédération générale du travail union, the CGT, has announced calls on Friday for more industrial action in France.

The latest notification is for a national strike to take place on Thursday, 21 September, 2017, a week after the call for air traffic controllers to strike on Tuesday 12, and two days before an organised mass demonstration across France.

The action period will not only feature industrial action aimed at maximising disruption, it will also be accompanied by mass demonstrations across the country, in most major town and cities, culminating in the major manifestation, “La France insoumise” on, on Saturday, 23 September.

There will be an air of uncertainty over travel arrangements during the strikes, with some airlines no doubt cancelling flights, whereas others will reroute flights over alternative routes which can bypass France, although with varying degrees of delay.

Passengers are urges to check with their airlines near to departure time for the latest advice on individual flights. Ground travel and road networks will also be disrupted.

We will of course try to bring you the latest developments on, and on TKO Radio throughout the week.

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