The long-running story of trying to upgrade the N-332 highway around Torrevieja into a dual carriageway has taken a fresh twist, with the Valencian Government now saying that the project has nothing to do with them, amidst some unsigned documents dating back a dozen years.

The Courier reported last week that Spain’s works ministry claimed that a series of concerns that were stalling the project needed to be addressed by the Valencian administration, and that they had not heard anything back from them on those issues for a number of months.

Now Torrevieja Mayor, José Manuel Dolón (pictured), has revealed that Valencia’s public works minister, Carlos Domingo Soler, has said that it is nothing to do with them, despite all their previous statements and actions over the stalled plans, adding that responsibility for the N-332 lay with the national works ministry.

He said that there was no deal between Torrevieja council and the national ministry that involved the Valencian government, despite a three-way agreement that was apparently made back in 2005, but had not been signed.

Dolón is to seek an urgent meeting with Spain’s works minister, Manuel Niño González, to press for the project to continue, and has said that neither the national or regional governments had located the documents that should have been signed 12 years ago. A copy for signing in Torrevieja never appeared either, according to the Mayor.

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