British Drunk-Driver Arrested Twice in Eight Weeks After Crashing into Motorcyclists and Fleeing

A British drunk-driver has been arrested for the second time in eight weeks by the San Miguel de Salinas local police after hitting a motorcycle with two riders on it, and leaving them lying injured on the ground.

The unnamed man had rammed his vehicle into the back of a Guardia Civil car that was waiting at traffic lights in San Miguel back in mid-April, and was found to be well over the alcohol limit.

The latest incident happened at the Balcón de la Costa Blanca urbanisation on Avenida de Levante, where the driver turned right and hit the bike that was correctly waiting at a Stop sign.

The drunken motorist then tried to drive away with the bike caught in the front bumper of his car, and after a serious of manouevres, he sped off, with the two riders lying on the road.

The man was found hiding out at a house on the urbanisation and refused to take a toxicology test, but was found to be over the alcohol limit the following day when he went to pick up his car.

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