Only Bank in Daya Nueva Is Set to Close Down

Banco Sabadell is to close down its branch in Daya Nueva, meaning that there is no bank in the municipality, with the nearest one some five kilometres away in San Fulgencio.

Daya Nueva mayor María Teresa Martínez told the Informacion newspaper that Sabadell’s decision to pull out of the two-thousand population town was “shameful”, and “embarassing”.  A residents petition is set to be organised, but the Mayor said that Sabadell will not back down.

Sabadell’s move comes as part of a package to shut down 42 branches across Alicante Province in the next few weeks, with 150 being closed nationally. The bank says it is a reflection of more business being carried out via the internet or a mobile phone, with fewer customers resorting to visiting a branch.

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