Eight Detained in Malaga for Intentionally Creating Panic at Good Friday Parades

Eight people were arrested after allegedly intentionally causing stampedes during last week’s Good Friday parades in Malaga, whilst a similar incident last Friday in Sevilla, also saw arrests and panic, after somebody shouted “Allah is Great” and slogans in support of the Basque terror group ETA.

The solumn parades feature large and elaborate floats and attract thousands of spectators to the event in Malaga, but the processions were broken by what emergency services described as “hooliganism and vandalism”. Police say the arrested people had screamed to provoke terror among the crowds.

In Sevilla, eight people were also detained with 17 people being taken to hospital after a stampede there. Around 100 people needed medical treatment, with authorities saying that most of those arrested were “well-known criminals”, and ruled out any link to terrorist organisations.

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