Biggest Plastic Container Theft in Alicante Province Results in Four Arrests

Four Spanish men, three of them from the same family, have been accused of being involved in one of the biggest thefts of plastic containers ever seen in Alicante Province, according to the Guardia Civil.

The gang would regularly plunder a Benidorm supermarket, belonging to a well-known chain, and steal the collapsible boxes, which were used to store fruit and vegetables.

Around two and a half thousand containers worth ten thousand euro were stolen in total, and a check by the Guardia on recycling centres around the region, led them to a plant in Cox which was buying the pilfered boxes.

The Guardia lay in wait as part of surveillance operation at Cox, and spotted a van, with the suspects in them, plus 200 containers. Four men were subsequently arrested in the Alicante area at El Campello.

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