International Cofradia to Push Easter Float on Wheels Due to Lack of Members to Carry It

This week’s Semana Santa parades in Torrevieja, including the Good Friday procession, involving the British-led International Cofradia, will have to resort to using wheels to carry the Paso of Jesus in the Garden of Olives through the city streets as the Cofradia do not have enough members.

Despite appeals earlier this year, the Cofradia was only able to get 50 of the bare minimum number of 85 men needed to carry the Paso, and they are now having to push the Paso during the processions rather than carrying it on their shoulders.

The final decision was taken last week during rehearsals, with the group returning to using wheels which was the position of the Cofradia from when it was founded in 1984 until manpower was used for the first time in 2004.

A combination of old age and members returning to the UK has led to the current predicament for the International Cofradia.

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