When was the last time you decided to clean your golf clubs? Do you clean them after every game? Do you regularly check the state of your clubs? Do you know that unclean clubs can not only cost you more shots but also reduces the life of your cherished clubs?

We all know Golf is an expensive sport and all this starts with buying your expensive clubs.

So why not take proper care of your clubs which will not only improve your game but will also elongate their life.

Do you know that golf clubs are an engineering marvel which are designed to give you a perfect swing, that accurate shot and the appropriate lift to the ball? The grooves which you see on the face of the clubs serve a specific purpose. The golf club face is designed to hit the golf ball to give it a certain rpm ranging from 3600 to 6000 and above!

The grooves are very vital because when you hit a golf shot, you control your shot by the spin that you put on the ball and you get a good spin when the club face bites the dimples on the golf ball accurately.

These grooves on the club face are designed to be able to make your shot more accurate by providing that perfect bite on the golf ball. Having said that, it is easy to understand that when your club grooves are dirty or have grass and grime stuck on it, it would not bite the golf ball properly thus causing you additional shots in game.

Moreover cleaning the club hand grips is also very vital. Grips on your golf clubs are designed to absorb moisture, sweat and greasy ailments to provide stability and tackiness to your grip on the club. After a certain period of time, the grip starts losing their stiffness due to excessive oil, sand and grime and thus it becomes problematic to handle the club.

Experienced golfers very well understand the importance of clean grips and know that even a minute slip or discomfort with the grip can cause a bad game. Sweaty and dirty grips can cause bad swings with the discomfort level being so unknown that sometimes you would actually find it difficult to recognize the reason behind your bad game.

Avid golfers globally acknowledge the importance and need to keep the golf clubs at the neatest best all the time.

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