England and Wales have accused each other of illegal scrummaging before the Six Nations showdown at Twickenham.

The two teams go into the game unbeaten, with England topping the table with three wins.

Asked if Saturday’s opponents have scrummaged illegally during the tournament, England head coach Eddie Jones said: “100%. Terribly illegally.”

Wales forwards coach Robin McBryde highlighted England’s Joe Marler as a frequent infringer at the scrum.

“He definitely needs to scrummage legally otherwise we will be pointing our finger,” said McBryde.

Wales, who are one point behind Six Nations leaders England with two games remaining, felt harshly done by at the scrum in their 28-25 win over England in the pool stage of last year’s World Cup.

Jones says he is “quite upset” by the Welsh approach to the set-piece.

The Australian reckons his side have a stronger scrum, adding that England “will get an advantage” if the laws are enforced.

“They play the laws very well,” the Australian said. “They pre-engage all the time, which is against the laws of the game.

“Then they get penalised one or two times at the start of the game, but the referee gets sick of penalising it.

Six Nations schedule



Sat, 12 Mar (14:30 KO)

Ireland v Italy


Sat, 12 Mar (17:00 KO)

England v Wales


Sun, 13 Mar, (16:00 KO)

Scotland v France


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