ITV Orihuela Vega Baja(team pictured) continue to be rooted to the bottom of the Murcia Federation’s first division as they were beaten 34-22 away last weekend to Albacete, who are above them in the table. The San Javier Squalos(blue shirts pictured in action) went top of the second division as they defeated bottom team Totana at home, 17-14.

In the under-18 cadetes league, the big top of the table clash saw CRU Cartagena beat the Torrevieja Tigers, 35-17 whilst ITV Vega Baja defeated Totana 13-10.

In the women’s play-off’s, the San Javier Squalos had a comfortable 50-3 victory over Lorca, and now take Cuder on in the final on Sunday March 6th.