CD MONTESINOS 0  CD BORNEO 1(tbc after 14 minutes)

Rain, snow, and waterlogged or frozen pitches have been the stuff of abandoned football matches in the past but CD Montesinos could add strong winds to that list last Sunday in their “sanded-off” home fixture against the Cox-based side, CD Borneo.

Monte were looking to continue their recent winning streak but they fell behind to the visitors after just 10 minutes,  as Borneo made  the most of the tornado gusts when a hopeful ball was latched onto by one of their forwards to slot pass a dust-blinded Lopez.

The ground is open to the elements and close to farm land meaning the blustery winds were blowing up dust from the fields on to the pitch. When the ball was in play both sets of players were having difficulty controlling and passing, as the ever increasing winds whipped up a dust storm that was more akin to the Sahara as opposed to the Vega Baja.

With visibility staying at virtually zero , the referee rightly called it a day with some  76 minutes remaining after consulting with the two managers, with both sets of players seen rubbing their eyes as they escaped as quickly as possible from the pitch.

It means that the remainder of the fixture, with the match picking up from where it stopped, continues this Wednesday evening (February 24th) with a 9.15 pm kick-off time. Meanwhile, Monte are away to R.P. Orihuela this Sunday morning with an 11.00 am kick off at Torrevieja, with the fixture being played on the artificial pitch next to the swimming pool.

The club is sad to announce the death last Monday of Vernon Phillips who was in charge of the Montesinos merchandising as well as a Full Monte committee member.  He was aged 75.