Edition 239 is now available

These Fridays come around ever so quick, but the good thing is it´s then the weekend. The other good thing is that The Courier is out.

The big story this week revolves around one of the biggest murder cases in the area, and there was also a huge find for the Guardia Civil who are clamping down on illegal goods sold on markets and through the network of “looky looky” men. They found a stash worth millions!

Plus, inside this week, we have a new Homes & Gardens pull-out, with tips on creating a garden in a small place and even growing your own veg, as well as practical advice for your your home, pool and garden,

Not forgetting your free pull-out weekly TV guide, covering all 7 days, the pick of the week´s tele, all of your favourite soaps, and a pick of the day for Friday in case you want to avoid the rugby.

We also have the Rugby World Cup planner for those of you who do want to know what´s going on, so there´s something for everyone.


Anyway, that´s enough of a teaser, here is your full and free favourite weekly read, The Courier.


To read the on-line version, you can click here.

Oh, and remember, you can also pick up The Courier from one of hundreds of outlets around the area every Friday.

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