Edition 238 is now available

It´s our favourite time of the week again when The Courier newspaper is released for you to enjoy.

Cram packed from cover to cover it offers news, sports, reviews, columns, opinions, features, in fact more than any other newspaper, and your free pull-out weekly TV guide, covering all 7 days, the pick of the week´s tele, all of your favourite soaps, and more.

This week also sees the return of Lifestyle+ and we are looking at Rugby fashion. Everybody can look casual, formal or sexy using one of the most rugged tops you can buy. Talking of Rugby, we also have your pull-out planner for all of the action starting next week. Have you picked up your glossy version yet from the venues we distributed them to?

Next week, the focus will be on Homes and Gardens, and we are really looking forward to that, especially as autumn is about to really take hold.

For now, here is your full and free favourite weekly read, The Courier.

You can also pick up The Courier from one of hundreds of outlets around the area every Friday.

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