A cabbage? You thought I was a cabbage? Thank you for your messages about last week´s costume, although I don´t believe I looked anything like a cabbage, as I was being Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors. If you haven´t seen the stage musical or film, you are not only missing out on a treat, you would also not have thought I looked anything like a cabbage!

This week, I am going to Central America with Stephen Fry, Mexico to be precise, hence my rather fetching costume this week, don´t you think?

In fact, this week it seems to be all about travel. The Stephen Fry show does look very interesting and no doubt full of fascinating facts too. We´re also off to India this week and my pick has to be World’s Busiest Railway 2015 on BBC Two. The thought of so many people crammed into a short space on a commuter train sounds scary, but the countryside views and the insight into what goes on behind the scenes is going to be amazing.

We are also travelling to the deep blue sea in Big Blue UK which we spoke about the other week, but something else I want to mention is a completely different travel show all together, travelling back in time with Tony Robinson on Chann3l 4´s Time Crashers.

You can read all about my picks for the week in these pages, and a lot more too, and plan your own schedule by using our full and comprehensive listings, with more information than any other newspaper.

That´s enough of the shameless plug, I will end with a time travel joke. The Past, the Present & the Future go into a bar. They were all tense. Tatty bye my friends, tatty bye.


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    Ten celebrities are about to leave their 21st century lives and everything they know behin…
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