This week we are continuing with some more useful phrases and expressions that you might want to use when you’re with some Spanish friends at say a local bar. Your waiter might bring the bottle to your table and begin to fill your glass. He will then say to you ´dime cuanto´ and when the glass is full enough you can reply with ya!´ or just ´ahora´, because the waiter is saying to you ´say when´ and you reply with ´now´.

When your chat with your friends becomes quite opinionated, you can say (to my mind) ´en mi opinión´ and state what you think. If during the conversation you can´t quite believe what a friend has said you can say to them ´estás de broma´ which means ´you´re kidding´. Then, while you´re enjoying a chat about a friend of yours who is missing from the group, in they walk and one of you says ´hablando del rey de Roma´ (speak/talk of the devil). You decide that you like the look of someone in the bar so you go to ´ligar con alguien´ (chat someone up) but it doesn´t go well and because of your really bad chat up lines you end up with a drink over your head! Your friends all laugh and shout ‘lo mereces´ (it serves you right). You return to your table and chat with your friends, and a while later another acquaintance eventually arrives, ´m´s vale tarde que nunca!´ you shout at them laughing (better late than never!) and they come over and join you.

Your hear a story that you don’t believe and you want to say ´you´re pulling my leg´ but how can you say it? You may have heard this common idiom ´me estás tomando el pelo´ ¿te suena? Sí, me suena(does it ring a bell with you? Yes it rings a bell). You then talk about another friend who has a successful business and how well they are doing, you say ´no me extraña´ he always works hard (no wonder/it doesn´t surprise me). You wish you had your friends drive and enthusiasm, ´ojalá´ (if only) you say wistfully. You then go to pay the bill and ´pagar en efectivo´ (to pay cash) then tell the barman ´quédate con el cambio´ (keep the change)

During your chats, someone let the cat out of the bag (revelar un secreto) about a friend who is going to get the sack (ser despedido) ¡Qué pena! (what a pity) Before you leave the bar you say to your friends ´tomamos la penúltima´ (let´s have one for the road) and they reply ´tú eliges´ (it´s up to you). Instead you think it´ll be best to go to your place and have a drink there, so as you arrive you tell your guests ´siéntete como en tu casa´ (make yourself at home) and ´sírvete´ (help yourself). After a great evening your friends say ´tenemos que irnos´ (we must be off) and you say ´hasta la próxima´ (until the next time). The next day you wake up with una resaca terrible (a terrible hangover) and decide ´nunca más´ (never again).

I hope you’ve found my last two articles fun and informative, as Spanish is hard enough to learn without having to give ourselves a headache and maybe if we can put some phrases into a context they will be easier to remember. The best way to learn the language is to have a go, make mistakes, try hard, have fun, and with that in mind, let me remind you that I’m going to be offering some Spanish classes with a native teacher this October. So if you’re in a position to get to Almoradí in the Vega Baja area and are interested in the classes, then give me a call or send me an e-mail without obligation. The classes will cater for all levels so don´t worry if you´re new to the language or a confident speaker as there will be something for everyone. The phone number is 625 437 217 and e-mail I look forward to hearing from you. As ever have a great week, and keep drinking the water (o cerveza o vino!).



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