The Scandalous Lady W

234 The Scandalous Lady WIf you´re looking for the next big thing in period costume drama, then BBC Two is the place to be this week, as The Scandalous Lady W takes us back to the 18th century.

Natalie Dormer, famous for such great shows as Hunger Games, Game of Thrones and The Tudors, leads a cast of British actors in this gripping drama which details the scandalous life of Seymour, Lady Worsley, who dared to leave her husband and elope with his best friend, Captain George Bisset, played by Aneurin Barnard, recently seen in Cilla and The White Queen.

Dormer plays the passionate, courageous Seymour, Lady Worsley, who escapes her troubled marriage only to find herself at the centre of a very public trial brought by her powerful husband Sir Richard Worsley, played by Shaun Evans (Endeavour, The Lost Weekend), who seeks compensation from her lover for the affair.

As this extraordinary true story unfolds, Lady Worsley takes the brave decision to publicly expose the secrets of her marriage. The scandalous courtroom revelations challenge the hypocrisy of the law that brands a wife the property of her husband, calling into question the whole concept of a woman’s ‘worth’.