Why am I not surprised, as within hours of our returning to the UK for the summer we were treated as if we were living rough on the streets – homeless and without a penny to our names. Why? Because of the ridiculous antics of the credit rating companies.  We have a Spanish home and a park lodge on a UK holiday site and don´t owe a penny to anyone – but that’s not enough for these companies which traders now use to see whether potential customers are credit worthy. Sadly we don’t fit into one of their neat little packaged boxes – either owning our own UK bricks and mortar home, or renting, or having lived for the past five years in a UK house with a postcode and paying council tax. And it meant I was unable to get a roaming device for my computer on a contract – the salesman wasn´t able to get past the ridiculous credit check to OK monthly payments of 28 pounds for three months. Despite having a UK bank account since I was 16, plus savings accounts, I was told my credit rating was rock bottom. Well, thanks a bunch Britain. Makes me wish I was a multi billionaire and could buy the b….y credit check company and put it out of business. After an hour of messing about on his computer, the salesperson managed to by-pass the credit check and provide me with a roamer. What a joke!

Staying with Bonkers Britain, how about the recent riot at a Tesco branch in Northampton, as shoppers wrestled on the floor scrambling for offers ‘like scavenging dogs.’ Marked-down chicken and steaks prompted grown men and women to crowd in the aisles before pushing and shoving each other to get hold of the items – some of them on their hands and knees. Northampton’s population has rocketed in recent years; household incomes and living standards have been squeezed following the recession, and child poverty levels have increased too, with one in five Northampton kids now classified as living in poverty. But is there an excuse for people to behave like scavenging dogs in first-world UK? I think not. I find myself gravitating to cut price shelves at supermarkets to look for “bargains” where there are items near their sell-by dates. I don’t need to do this, so have we become brainwashed by all the ads to seek out bargains and cut price this, that and the other, meaning our restraint and common sense have gone out of the window? I have umpteen store cards giving me money off, points, or other benefits as well as credit cards offering me perks. It’s all part of this live for less obsession, which is only a short distance away from fighting in the aisles for cheap food. It’s brainwashing. People in Britain are not really starving like millions are in the third world, and they should start living more sensible lives, which, for starters, means living within their means.

Recent stories have a certain amount of déjà vu about them!  Take the appalling shooting of coloured worshippers by a white young man in a Bible study class in the United States, which was yet another example of Americans’ utter stupidity. He did it because of racial hatred – something we have to live with because it goes back to our Stone Age past when one tribe fought another. You couldn´t trust the neighbouring tribe because you were competing for food and they were a threat. People gather in ethnic groups today without even thinking about it. There were pictures of a soccer team in weekend newspapers showing whites in one group and coloureds in another – not through race prejudice but because we tend to gather in groups we feel comfortable with. It’s our tribal past at work and it will continue until we’re all one colour and have the same religion so we’re a good few generations away from this utopia. How right Obama is when he tells Americans of the folly and utter stupidity of his country’s gun laws. Time after time we hear of multiple shootings – if it is not in schools and colleges, it is in shopping malls and now within a religious group. There is no other civilised country on the planet where ordinary people own so many guns, says Obama, and he’s right. And when guns fall into the wrong hands, whether among the mentally ill, or those filled with religious or race hate or have severe family issues, the death toll will be far higher than if that person can only gain possession of knives. Sadly Americans are driven by big bucks and there are mega bucks within the gun lobby. So, despite all the hypocritical nonsense coming out of the lips of Americans, little will change and we´ll hear of another mass killing before too long.
The other case of déjà vu was the appalling news that a defenceless, three week old baby boy was mauled to death by a terrier dog in Sunderland. Why the hell stupid people have to have a dog in the same house as a baby beats me – it should be made illegal. Thousands of people are bitten by dogs every year in Britain, and sadly, every year there are deaths because people insist on having potentially vicious carnivores in their homes. Here are the dreadful statistics: More than 200,000 people per year are estimated to be bitten by dogs in England alone, according to research for the British Medical Journal. Since 2005, 22 people have been killed by dogs in the UK, 12 of them children, according to the Office for National Statistics. Is any of this acceptable? No it isn´t.
With these horrendous statistics, it´s about time people re-evaluated their relationship with dogs, because far too many people are being injured by them, and it’s about time politicians had the courage to introduce Draconian legislation. For a starter, every dog should be licensed; people should be required by law to go to dog handling/obedience classes as part of holding a licence; every dog that attacks a human should be put down and the owner prosecuted and ordered not to own a dog for at least 10 years.  That might then establish responsible dog ownership. Perhaps it’s true to say that the British are as stupid over dog ownership as Americans are over gun ownership. Both should change.
We saw the ‘great’ British unwashed on the march again last weekend, complaining about benefit cuts; loss of union power; wanting all cash spent on homes and not Trident; complaining of non-existent cuts in “Our NHS”; calling for a living wage for mothers; a frack-free world and every other left-wing cause! Listen to them and you would think that the Tories were about to rob everyone of every single benefit, double the tax of working people and hand every penny to the rich. As chancellor George Osborne was at pains to point out, the UK has only one percent of the world’s population but has seven percent of all welfare spending on the planet – and that’s ridiculous! Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that this level of ‘feather bedding’ is unsustainable. That same common sense says there is a limit to what working people and businesses can afford to pay in tax to fund the welfare state. Common sense also says you can’t keep on borrowing to live beyond your means. There’s a day or reckoning, just like Greece has met its Waterloo. When you can get a second generation immigrant living on benefits, depriving herself and her children of food so she can save enough to have a boob job abroad and then when it goes wrong, demand it’s fixed on the NHS. It demonstrates benefit culture is totally out of control and needs to be fixed. Sadly, the benefits system allows people to live irresponsibly and that irresponsibility breeds on itself (as well as breeding another generation of scroungers). And once people have got used to living on welfare, they’re going to fight tooth and nail to preserve their ‘rights’. That’s why the ‘unwashed’ were on the march in London and in other cities, and a plague of curses on them!!

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