It´s father´s day in the UK this weekend, a time to treat the dads in our lives. The weekend also sees midsummer, when the nights start drawing in! Oh, what a depressing thought, dark nights before we´ve even got through the summer, but the cold is something to look forward to isn´t it? A time for us to get closer to the ones we love… If only for the warmth of course!

Guilty2 guility

But what about father´s day, a traditional time to treat the dads, yes, but treat them to what? One of the oddest things on offer in an Alicante department store the other year was a DVD box set, nothing unusual about that, until we tell you that the title was Queer as Folk, about the lives, dramas, trials and tribulations of the lives of gay men in America. It´s a great box set by the way, but not your traditional gift for dads!

But maybe that´s the key, maybe we should break from tradition and give a gift that keeps on giving, a long term pleasure giver, maybe for both of you.

Okay, enough of the teasing. Long dark nights, gifts for men, a gift that keeps on giving, we are talking about the guilty pleasures you can both share!

Everything from briefs, to adult toys, role play and games and everything in between, are all available all year round, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Where do you find them, on the internet of course, and we have a website that will offer everything to tantalise and tease.

Don´t believe us, have a look for yourself. Visit and you will see everything unfold in front of you. It´s not for the faint hearted, but if the recent success of Fifty Shades of Grey is anything to go by, then there will be nothing there to shock you!

The only thing you might want to consider is keeping the gifts to yourself. Yes, it might be a father´s day treat, but this sort of playtime is not for the kids, it´s for you and him, to enjoy together, whatever your guilty pleasure.

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