Now the weather is warmer and summer is here, it seems that the world has gone crazy! I am a summer person as I like nothing more than sitting in my lounge in just a strappy top with a warm breeze occasionally wafting through, bare feet resting on my footstool and the bright sunshine tapping on my windows. However there is one thing that I really like about winter, which is probably the only thing I like about it! It isn´t the cold or rain; it isn´t the dark evenings or dull mornings; it isn´t even Christmas; or my birthday which is also in winter(In  my opinion Christmas would be so much better in summer, maybe Australia is the place to be). The one thing that I really like about winter is the peace and quiet!


As I was putting my washing on the line over last weekend, I was basking in the sunshine thinking how quickly it would dry and I´d be able to bring it in again, get it ironed and put away. I had my earphones on with my mobile phone tuned into TKO FM, of course, and was enjoying Trev Massey´s Breakfast Show when, over the sound of his dulcet tones I heard a cacophony of noise that I can only describe as sounding like the end of the world!

For the past what seems like an eternity, my neighbour in front of my house has been having work done, every weekday morning at 8.00 am the workers turn up banging and drilling, and this goes on until late into the evening, Monday to Friday. I was so hoping that the weekend would be a quiet time, relaxing by the pool with only the distant sound of traffic and the wind blowing through the trees. But this was not going to be possible as it had now become very clear, very quickly! I appreciate that people want to do work on their properties and if they work all day then they only have the weekends for their DIY, but it does slightly annoy me that it seems if the noise isn´t coming from one side, it´s coming from another!

Then of course we have the various fiestas and parties that go on at this time of year, which is  part of the joy of living here in Spain. I suppose however that I don´t understand why they have to be so loud and go on for so long. Maybe I sound like an old woman and some would say that I am! I´m all for going for a drink and listening to music, but the volume of the stuff that is blasted out of huge speakers really isn´t necessary in my opinion. It’s much better to turn it down a bit and there may be a few more people there, not just the almost deaf teenagers. I think maybe I am becoming old before my time, especially when my own son and his friends start to annoy me when they are playing in the pool, screaming and shouting and generally just having fun! I often tell them to just tone it down a bit, poor kids.

I sometimes believe that maybe I was born to live on a desert island in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours, but where I could pop over to visit friends for a coffee when I felt like it. Of course my job would have to be solely online but this is more than possible these days, and in fact I have started looking into teaching online so that desert island is getting closer and closer. Until then however, I will have to just continue to put up with the din of machines grinding and banging and enjoy the peaceful moments when they do come.

After all, as I never fail to mention, I love Spain and there is no way I would go back to the UK. This country gives my son and a standard of life that we could only dream of in England, therefore, for all its noise and fiestas, this country is where I will call home for many years to come.



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